Case Management 

Re-entry Services

Substance Abuse Treatment and Supportive Services for Individuals Returning from Incarceration

Project Reconnect: A United Way SELA & BCM Partner Program



For individuals that have been recently released from incarceration, this CADA re-entry program breaks the cycle of criminal behavior, substance abuse and recidivism by combining psychoeducational support groups and transitional planning in correctional institutions with effective community-based treatment, recovery, and re-entry related services. Project Reconnect works to expand substance abuse treatment and related mental health services available to ex-offenders in the community by providing referrals and follow-up to substance abuse treatment programs. The program is designed to bridge the gap in aftercare by transitioning from re-entry into outpatient substance abuse treatment with a heavy emphasis on individualized case management.


Project Transition: A United Way of St. Charles Partner Program



A highly successful and well-regarded pre-release program for inmates at the Nelson Coleman Correctional Center. Project Transition is a comprehensive life-skills program designed to prepare inmates for life after incarceration and reduce the likelihood of recidivism. Project Transition has been certified by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and participants are eligible for an early release date following completion of the program.

New Directions:

Homeless and substance use support services

New Directions:

For individuals and families at-risk or experiencing homelessness and substance use

The New Directions Project at CADA Prevention & Recovery coordinates and implements an array of integrated services and supports to reduce homelessness among individuals and families in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Who is eligible?

  • Those in the Greater New Orleans Area

  • Individuals and families currently experiencing or at-risk for homelessness

  • Individuals and families affected by substance use, mental health and other life stressors that are interested in strengthening recovery skills

Program Services Include: 

  • Comprehensive Screening/Assessment

  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

  • Transition Planning                                           

  • Family and Education Support                                 

  • Case Management and referrals for:

    •  Job Training Programs

    • Educational Programs

    • Housing Assistance

    • Medical Treatment

  • Assistance Acquiring Health Insurance