Full-Time Case Manager/ Counselor


The case manager/counselor is responsible for conducting clinical assessments, developing individualized service plans, and implementing case-management plans with individuals that experience or are at risk for homelessness. Applicants will work with clients, their families, and referral agencies to coordinate service plans, including referrals to substance abuse treatment, primary health care, mental health services, housing, educational service programs, employment skills programs, etc. Additionally, applicants will provide individual/group counseling to program participants with co-occurring disorders. The ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate a passion for assisting the community with empathy and respect.


· Master’s degree in counseling, social work, or another related field.

· Registered as a Counselor in Training (CIT), Master of Social Work (MSW), or Provisionally Licensed Counselor (LPC), and working towards obtaining licensure.

· Experience conducting intensive case management services

· Knowledge of and experience in substance abuse prevention and treatment services in a community-based agencies.

Salary is competitive with excellent benefits.

To Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to

Full-Time Peer Support Specialist

The Peer Support Specialist (PSS) is responsible for providing mentoring, guidance, and support services to individuals that experience or are at risk for homelessness and addiction. The PSS functions as part of a therapeutic team to facilitate recovery and enhance wellness with clients. The PSS will coordinate with the treatment team and outside agencies to assist clients with barriers to treatment and advocate for client’s needs. PSS is responsible for conducting community outreach and follow-ups.


· High School or GED or equivalent experience required

· Person in recovery, preferred. If a recovering person must be in a program of recovery and able to provide documentation of sobriety a minimum of 12 months

· Must pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check (can discuss during interview)

· Must have a vehicle to get to the different work locations

· Must be able to escort clients to and from appointments

· Must adhere to agency’s non-discrimination policies. Ability to effectively interact with co-workers and clients who have diverse ethnic or cultural backgrounds, religious views, political affiliations, lifestyles and sexual orientation and treat each person with respect and dignity

Salary is competitive with excellent benefits. 

To Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to