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How Can We Help You?
  • You – CADA can help determine if you or someone close to you has an alcohol or substance abuse problem–and what to do about it.

  • Probation Officers, Judges, Lawyers – CADA can provide services to the judicial system for alcohol and drug related offenses.

  • Employers – CADA can help develop and implement an effective substance abuse Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for your organization to help keep your workplace safe. We can also provide pre-employment screening, screening for individuals who show cause,and for those who have failed an alcohol or drug screen.

  • Schools – CADA can help prevent drug use among students with evidence-based curriculum and presentations. We can also evaluate students suspected of having an alcohol or drug problem.

  • Medical Professionals – CADA can be part of any well-rounded SBIRT program and  help determine if a patient has an alcohol or drug problem that will interfere with medical treatment.

  • Community – CADA can provide resources to the community regarding substance abuse and can provide information on local treatment facilities and how to access these services.



Our programs are available in both English and Spanish 


Early Intervention
Case Management
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