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Self & Safety:Through A New lens

The purpose of this program is for the treatment of mild to moderate co-occurring disorders and trauma. The program uses a curriculum that has been found beneficial in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and trauma. The goal for the program is to provide individuals with a trusting space to discuss their struggles with mental health and substance use in hopes that they can rediscover how to cope in safer, healthier ways.


Who is Eligible? All clients must meet criteria for a co-occurring disorder and be screened for trauma responses. The core program services include screening, assessment, and group/individual sessions. Additional program services include case management, crisis intervention, family education, client education, and referral to other program/services as needed.


Program can be used as a step-down program from IOP services for clients who are looking for continue recovery maintenance and support. Program completion will be based upon progress towards individual service plan goals.


All clients enrolled in Self & Safety are paired with a case manager to assist clients with removal of barriers to treatment so they can focus on wellness and recovery. The program consists of 1-2, 1.5-hour group sessions per week.

Program Information

• Cost: $50 per group session; $100 per individual session

• Payment: Self-pay, reduced fee scale, and Medicaid (Aetna Better, Health, United/Optum, and Healthy Blue)

• Program Hours: Group sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00pm -1:30pm

• All sessions are completed in-person

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